Conflict Avoidance and Leadership

First, I missed Friday Thoughts last week so consider this Friday Thoughts on a Monday. Oh, well. I had good intentions and surely that should count for something. I’m in the process of writing an article with the fabulous Jessica Olin (@olinj on the Twitters) and I don’t want to steal anything from it, but … Continue reading Conflict Avoidance and Leadership

Friday Thoughts: The Importance of a Peer Group

So, lately I’ve really relied on a close group of peers to get me through some stressful stuff. They are invaluable to me. Some of them are close IRL friends. Some I just know through this wonderful profession of ours (thank you, Internet!) I trust them enough to share my deepest insecurities, my worst fears, … Continue reading Friday Thoughts: The Importance of a Peer Group

Friday Thoughts: I’m Exhausted

So, where has the time gone already in this shiny new Fall semester? I HAVE NO IDEA. (This is a famous phrase in my house. The boy child says it a lot, especially in response to “Where are your shoes?” and “How did you get so dirty?”) I thought I’d start a new feature. Well, … Continue reading Friday Thoughts: I’m Exhausted

Are You a Good Egg?

I was chatting yesterday briefly with my friend Erin about our library friend people that we really love so much and decided that, to me, there are generally two categories of people that we have to work with. Good Eggs and Not So Much. We were talking about people we really admire; those with good hearts … Continue reading Are You a Good Egg?

Being Thankful for a Job Well Done

Summer time in academic libraries goes a little slower. It lets you catch your breath, take a break, think big picture, get a lot of thinking/planning/catch up done. At least that’s how I usually feel. It’s busy, but it isn’t the often day to day with wall to wall meetings that the fall and spring semesters … Continue reading Being Thankful for a Job Well Done

I Lost My Groove and That’s OK

This post could also be called “I got too busy to do any research and writing and now I feel like a slacker, but I’m going to fix that shortly.” When I first took a job in a middle management position several years ago, I had to really refocus my energies and think about how … Continue reading I Lost My Groove and That’s OK

Taking My Life Back From My Job

In the second semester of my third year as a boss lady, I realized something. I need to make a concerted effort to take my life back from job. It was a busy semester. Lots of highs, lots of lows. I really and truly love my job. But, more and more, I’ve found myself consumed by … Continue reading Taking My Life Back From My Job

Dear Past Bosses of Mine

It’s been a rough week. Heck, it’s been a rough semester. Growing pains and change takes a toll on you. I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationships with my past library bosses and felt that I owe them all a collective apology for a few things. Maybe you do too. So, here goes: Dear … Continue reading Dear Past Bosses of Mine