Friendship and Community

This post could also be called “My Love Letter to my Library Friends and my Profession, post-ACRL 2015 Conference. Before ACRL, I had been struggling to really explain our online librarian community to others at work. Have you ever tried to explain to a non-library colleague how important “Library Twitter” is for your sanity, your […]

The Fairytale of the Work-Life Balance

I was supposed to write this blog post last week. Last week became a complete and utter train wreck for me. My work-life balance was completely off kilter. Well, everything felt off kilter. So, I decided to sit down and write it today on a day when I am home with two kids who have […]

Liberate Yourself: Stop Wanting to be Liked Professionally or Professionally Liked

This week’s post (three weeks in a row!) comes from a recent conversation with an unnamed social media friend/colleague. I preface this, per usual, as these may just be my observations and maybe I’m wrong. (It happens.) I’ve observed a lot of librarians┬ásaying things over social media that have lead me to think to myself, […]

Not Just Surviving, But Thriving: How to Deal When You Can’t Get Out of Your Crappy Job

So, last week I gave my advice on knowing when to leave your job. But, what if you know it’s just shit, but you can’t leave. You are place bound. You have a home, kids in school, partner. You have a mortgage. Or maybe it’s because you just can’t find anything else. A full time […]

It’s Not You, It’s Me: When to Break up with Your Job

From time to time when I talk about library career stuff, people will ask me this question, “How do I know when I should leave my job?” That’s a hard question to answer, but using my own experiences (and borrowing some of my friends), I’ll give you some advice. 1. When you stop learning. This […]

The Information Literacy Framework: Confessions of a One-Time Skeptic

Happy New Year! I start my 2015 blogged year with a post about the new Framework for Information Literacy, partially in response to the petition from NJ librarians and partially because our work on the committee is now complete and I feel a little less weird about writing a blog post about the work, since […]