Not Just Surviving, But Thriving: How to Deal When You Can’t Get Out of Your Crappy Job

So, last week I gave my advice on knowing when to leave your job. But, what if you know it’s just shit, but you can’t leave. You are place bound. You have a home, kids in school, partner. You have a mortgage. Or maybe it’s because you just can’t find anything else. A full time […]

It’s Not You, It’s Me: When to Break up with Your Job

From time to time when I talk about library career stuff, people will ask me this question, “How do I know when I should leave my job?” That’s a hard question to answer, but using my own experiences (and borrowing some of my friends), I’ll give you some advice. 1. When you stop learning. This […]

The Information Literacy Framework: Confessions of a One-Time Skeptic

Happy New Year! I start my 2015 blogged year with a post about the new Framework for Information Literacy, partially in response to the petition from NJ librarians and partially because our work on the committee is now complete and I feel a little less weird about writing a blog post about the work, since […]

The Contentious Job of the Library Director

I’m writing this today in response to what I thought was a good post in Inside Higher Ed. As my friend Scott Walter mentioned to me today, I also would have liked it to not be as much about the management of library resources and collections focused. Hey, can’t win them all. It’s also pretty obvious to […]

When in Management, Learning to Let Go: The Struggle is Real

In an effort to get back to blogging on the regular (OK, to get there at all), I’m holding myself to Monday posts because then I can also delay working on other things on Mondays AND get something done I’d like to actually do! Voila! _______ I am now in my third year as the […]

The Hell of the Coordinator Experience and Why It’s Good for You, Librarians

Coordinator jobs in libraries can be some of the toughest jobs, no doubt. I’ve heard some feedback lately from some Director peers that they find these Coordinator positions, with a lot of variety in responsibilities, often hard to fill or get less applicants. But we need them. Instruction coordinators are everywhere (especially in academic libraries). I’ve also seen […]

Because I’m the Boss: Getting Things Done and Decision Making

My new boss, while we discussed how the campus faculty were “angry” about a decision she made, said this to me: “I could move this slip of paper from here to here and unhappiness will occur. People will say we should have discussed it more first. They should have known I was going to move it […]