Monthly Archives: March 2015

Friendship and Community

This post could also be called “My Love Letter to my Library Friends and my Profession, post-ACRL 2015 Conference. Before ACRL, I had been struggling to really explain our online librarian community to others at work. Have you ever tried to explain to a non-library colleague how important “Library Twitter” is for your sanity, your … Continue reading Friendship and Community

The Art of Saying No

I was inspired this morning to write this post after a friend of mine noted that she needed some help knowing how to say no without sounding like a jerk. (It should be noted that this friend is never a jerk.) So, first, I’m here to tell you that you can try your hardest, but … Continue reading The Art of Saying No


Forcing myself to write a post this week because it’s been a rough week (or three) and I’m feeling a little beat up. I’ve been thinking a lot about women as leaders, empathy, emotional intelligence, and just really the way strong women are continuously stifled in our society. But I’m really not in a place … Continue reading Appreciation