Monthly Archives: September 2015

Conflict Avoidance and Leadership

First, I missed Friday Thoughts last week so consider this Friday Thoughts on a Monday. Oh, well. I had good intentions and surely that should count for something. I’m in the process of writing an article with the fabulous Jessica Olin (@olinj on the Twitters) and I don’t want to steal anything from it, but … Continue reading Conflict Avoidance and Leadership

Friday Thoughts: The Importance of a Peer Group

So, lately I’ve really relied on a close group of peers to get me through some stressful stuff. They are invaluable to me. Some of them are close IRL friends. Some I just know through this wonderful profession of ours (thank you, Internet!) I trust them enough to share my deepest insecurities, my worst fears, … Continue reading Friday Thoughts: The Importance of a Peer Group

Friday Thoughts: I’m Exhausted

So, where has the time gone already in this shiny new Fall semester? I HAVE NO IDEA. (This is a famous phrase in my house. The boy child says it a lot, especially in response to “Where are your shoes?” and “How did you get so dirty?”) I thought I’d start a new feature. Well, … Continue reading Friday Thoughts: I’m Exhausted