Are You a Good Egg?

I was chatting yesterday briefly with my friend Erin about our library friend people that we really love so much and decided that, to me, there are generally two categories of people that we have to work with. Good Eggs and Not So Much. We were talking about people we really admire; those with good hearts and souls. The Good Eggs of Librarianship. And it really made me think this is what life and work comes down to…Are You a Good Egg?

I’d like to think that in life, and at work (since work and life are very separate for me), I am a Good Egg. I try to do unto others as I’d like done to me. I am ethical. I have a deep conscience. But, I know I’ve been called names before within my profession and people who don’t know me often *think* I am not very nice. I never want to be the cause of anyone’s stress, pain, or misery, especially as the Boss Lady. Do I think that’s always true? Probably not. The thing about being the boss is that there is no way everyone will always like you, agree with you, believe in you. So, to those people, I am probably more of a Not So Much sometimes. But, I try. Every thing I do, every decision I make, has a reason. For me, that means I’m at least half a Good Egg.

But what if we all *tried* to be the Good Egg to our colleagues? Sometimes I think even the best people with good intentions turn into jerks at work. Here’s what I’m pledging to do more of in order to remain or maybe become an actual Good Egg.

1. Be honest. If you don’t think you can do something or something’s a good idea, be honest. But say why.

2. Be open. My door is always open (virtually, if not literally) to talk about what’s going on, what I think, where we are going. But, I can’t help that conversation along if I don’t know it’s a problem.

3. Build each other up. I think we don’t do this enough at work. I would love it if just one time someone told me I was doing a good job. That doesn’t always happen at the top. But, to do my part and be a Good Egg, I try to remind and recognize this in people as much as possible.

4. Be kind. As frustrated as I get, I try to remember that everyone has other stuff going on. You never really know when someone needs that kindness in their day.

5. Be encouraging. I want everyone I work with to succeed, even those who seem not to care. So, I’m going to pledge to encourage people at every opportunity to learn more, to grow, and to contribute.

6. Let it go. I really wanted all of these to start with a B, BUT maybe a key to being a Good Egg is to forgive and forget those who are Not So Much. Maybe getting over it is half the battle (or more) on your way to be a better person and colleague.

What else do you think makes you a Good Egg colleague?

2 thoughts on “Are You a Good Egg?

  1. I guess this is an extension of “Let it go” but thick-skin. Understand that, even in purely business-related discussions, have disagreements, and, sometimes, will take a choice against “their side” as a personal attack, and attack back, in kind.

    And there is always the “this thing that I worked on is perfect” and turns into an extension of oneself – meaning that any criticism of that turns into criticism of the person.

    While I’d argue that there’s no place for personal attacks that in the workplace, it’s also inhuman to assume that you’ll never be in this situation . . . being able to weather it and NOT turn things into a petty fight is paramount.

    Also? Don’t attach your self-value to your work.

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