Being Thankful for a Job Well Done

Summer time in academic libraries goes a little slower. It lets you catch your breath, take a break, think big picture, get a lot of thinking/planning/catch up done. At least that’s how I usually feel. It’s busy, but it isn’t the often day to day with wall to wall meetings that the fall and spring semesters are. (I know my public library friends have crazy summers with summer reading. I, and my children, thank you!)

I’ve fallen behind again on any blogging because I’ve just been so busy and not sure where my reading/blogging/writing path would take me, but I’m getting a handle on that. As I think about year end reports and future ideas, I thought I’d take stock in all that we have accomplished at my library in the past three years. Hint: It’s a lot. So, on that note, I’d like this post to serve as a thank you to the world’s hardest working library staff and faculty for a job well done.

We do a lot to support faculty access to research, but I especially think we’ve made a lot of changes for students that definitely bring them into the building more, including creating a learning commons, holding wellness and other events, freeing up study space, longer hours, graphic novel collections, providing textbooks on reserve. We’ve updated our website, added all the Springshare products we can get our hands on, provide proactive chat reference, document scanning stations, whiteboard tables, and done a lot to weed duplicate journal content and get our statistics together to make good decisions about collections.

Then, there’s a lot of other stuff we’ve done that no one will even see or notice, but it makes the place better for all of us, like our staff development committee that holds cook outs, watches Ted Talks, and bowls in the hallway. I’m a big believer in work hard, play hard 🙂

I’m sure that I’m not always easy to work for or with, but I’m really proud of all of the work we’ve done here and how much everyone really cares about our students and the library. It’s easy for us to get caught up in the day to day work and forget to say thank you. Let’s all try to do that a little more (the saying, not forgetting part).

Next up is infusing a campus-wide information literacy initiative that is present throughout the curriculum and co-curriculum; creating lifelong critical thinkers out of our students (and better work for our faculty!). That shouldn’t be too hard at all.

To all of my library friends, have a great and productive summer! Hope to see some of you at ALA in San Francisco!

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