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Be Kind

File this short and sweet post under “Random Friday Thoughts” and brought to you by a couple of discussions I’ve had today with┬álibrarian friends. Let’s all practice these three rules today (and always if you can.) Everyone has their baggage, their stuff they carry around, don’t judge, just listen and be kind. There is so … Continue reading Be Kind

Staying Engaged

We are back for some Friday Thoughts, people. Here’s my deep thoughts for today: you absolutely, positively, have to stay engaged in your profession at large. If you don’t, you will just become a stifled, stale version of yourself. Maybe to you this sounds obvious, but here’s the thing. We all know some librarians who … Continue reading Staying Engaged

Friday Thoughts: The Importance of a Peer Group

So, lately I’ve really relied on a close group of peers to get me through some stressful stuff. They are invaluable to me. Some of them are close IRL friends. Some I just know through this wonderful profession of ours (thank you, Internet!) I trust them enough to share my deepest insecurities, my worst fears, … Continue reading Friday Thoughts: The Importance of a Peer Group

Friday Thoughts: I’m Exhausted

So, where has the time gone already in this shiny new Fall semester? I HAVE NO IDEA. (This is a famous phrase in my house. The boy child says it a lot, especially in response to “Where are your shoes?” and “How did you get so dirty?”) I thought I’d start a new feature. Well, … Continue reading Friday Thoughts: I’m Exhausted