Dear Past Bosses of Mine

It’s been a rough week. Heck, it’s been a rough semester. Growing pains and change takes a toll on you. I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationships with my past library bosses and felt that I owe them all a collective apology for a few things. Maybe you do too. So, here goes:

Dear Past Bosses of Mine,

1. I’m sorry I always judged your decisions, whether they were good or bad. And then I’d pick them apart with my colleagues. That was wrong.

2. I’m sorry I doubted your vision. This wasn’t always the case with all of them, but certainly at times, there was doubt.

3. I’m sorry I always thought you were uncaring or mean when you were just busy and doing your job and sometimes a little distracted. (OK, I did have one boss who had a bad temper and I’m not sorry that I thought he was a meanie.)

4. I’m sorry that you probably took a lot of flack when, at times, people thought I was the favorite. I was just bubbly and getting stuff done. It’s (still) what I do.

5. I’m sorry about all of those assumptions I made about you.

6. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you more questions about what it was really like to be a library director because if I hadn’t been such a know it all, I could have learned a lot. (Or ran in the other direction. Ha.)

Let’s leave it with six. That’s an even number at least, although I could probably go on.

Do you ever look back and wish you could apologize to a supervisor? What would you say?


One thought on “Dear Past Bosses of Mine

  1. I actually called two of my former bosses to thank them for putting up with my growing pains. They both still make themselves available to me when I run into problems. Thank the sweet baby Buddha for that.

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