I Lost My Groove and That’s OK

This post could also be called “I got too busy to do any research and writing and now I feel like a slacker, but I’m going to fix that shortly.”

When I first took a job in a middle management position several years ago, I had to really refocus my energies and think about how to empower the people that worked for me to really get out there and do the research and the presentations because they were doing really great things and I started to lose my own way. I mean, between then and now, I’ve still done a ton of workshops and presentations (I am still always honored and really humbled when people ask me to talk about library things), but I haven’t felt like I add to the research conversation in librarianship in a while.

When I became the Bosslady, I let myself get too busy with other things. Instead of leaving time for reading, reflecting, thinking about what way my own research ideas were headed, I just kept working on what I’d call “the administrative pile.” Being an administrator is a lot of work. I mean, I know we all have jobs and they are obviously a lot of work, but being an administrator (for me) takes a different level of mental energy than any job I’ve had before. Because of that, even when I have slower days, I haven’t felt quite up to the deep thinking/reading/writing that I used to do more frequently.

Last week, I wrote about how I want to take my life back from my job. On that note, I want to take my intellectual curiosity back from it too and put that energy into a research plan that focuses on both my existing passions (student learning, information literacy, the new framework) and also leaves some room for my new passions (how librarianship uses social media for professional development, women as leaders, women in management positions in librarianship.)

Friday afternoons, this summer, are going to become writing/research/reading days. There. Since I said it out loud, I have to do it, right?

This post isn’t just about me blabbering on about how I’m going to right this ship though. When I first tweeted about losing my steam, I got a lot of responses from the Twitter about how others have felt the same way. So, let’s all change that, OK?

But, before we all re-shift, let’s also take a moment to forgive ourselves for letting it slip in the first place. We all get busy. That’s OK. But, we all need to remember how to keep our passions going in a profession because otherwise? Well, then we just become the flatliners we’ve all had to work with who haven’t grown professionally and those kind of people wouldn’t be reading this blog anyway! 🙂

So, in summary:

1. If you also feel like you’ve lost your groove, forgive yourself.

2. Let’s all keep each other on task to get it back.

3. We are all pretty awesome.

Happy weekend, friends.


4 thoughts on “I Lost My Groove and That’s OK

  1. using social media for professional development is a big interest of mine also!

    Good for you for starting to take things back.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. Over the past six months I’ve had to reframe, refocus, and just figure out how to make things work because of health issues (which can take a toll on the mind as well).

    I may have to put your summary somewhere on my work area to remember it – thanks again!

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