Librarians, Please Get a Grip

You know, lately I’ve been a little busy. I mean, besides my actual life busy, I am running a college library. So I completely missed what went on with the #libbanana and the library Harlem Shake videos and the ensuing infighting. Then I asked a friend of mine to clue me in and, unfortunately, he did.

What is with all the hatred and negativity? What I see is a repeated pattern of people disagreeing and when god forbid a male librarian disagrees with a female it is all MEN ARE BAD. What is happening here?

First, just for the record, I totally got an anonymous banana slicer in the mail and I had no idea what was going on, which was pretty hilarious. Whatever, I am a rockstar. So there. Secondly, I’m getting really, really, really super tired of people going on what seem like lunatic tirades on “professional” blogs and other social media and slandering other librarians.


When did it become okay to write very lengthy blogs about others in your profession about whom you know very little, except what they choose to share? When did it become acceptable to slightly make people’s names anonymous and go on and rant and rant and rant? I mean, if you need to do that, I guess I understand. But, doing it under a pretense of being a “librarian blogger” (whatever the hell that means), is very unprofessional.

And when did it become okay for the rest of us who are really over all of this bullshit (and I know you’re out there with me), to just sit back and let this venomous talk about each other continue?

I hated middle school. It was brutal. I am not going back. High school wasn’t as bad for me. Sorry, I was a popular kid. But, seriously, librarians, maybe you should think before you blog? Before you respond on social media and before you create a mess that you can’t clean up?

I’m going to ask right here and right now, just be kind boys and girls….all of you. I am not leaning on my gender over the men and asking more of you. I’m asking each of you for more kindness. If you can’t be kinder to each other, maybe start with more professionalism. It’s a big Internet. If you don’t like some librarians, don’t follow them and don’t friend them and don’t talk to them. Believe me, it works for me.

Is there another profession out there that has to continuously have such dramatic crap happening with dozens and sometimes hundreds of people all chiming in on social media, blogging an issue to death, whining and looking downright silly? Is there another profession which has so many damn people that need their egos stroked? While I am at it, is there another profession that has SO MANY awards that it has to give out to people?

Oy. Enough. Now get back to work and play nice. ALL OF YOU.

And in a few days, I will get back to blogging about *actual* professional issues.

8 thoughts on “Librarians, Please Get a Grip

  1. Hi, I can’t help but feel like this is aimed a me a bit, and if it’s directed towards this blog post:
    If that’s the case, you’ve over-simplifying what went down and ignoring the fact that some dude emailed me and called me a homophobe.
    But if you want to boil it down like this to get some blog hits, go for it. Hope you get lots.

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by. Namecalling is not nice and I am sorry someone felt that it was okay to do that to you. But, yeah, I’m boiling it down to there’s an extreme amount of unprofessional namecalling and kibbitzing going around. Didn’t mean to overlook your situation at all, sorry that you felt that I did.

  2. I think technologists, IT People, Systems Engineers, BOFH’s, etc. are THE most childish, ridiculous people on the planet, so much so that I often don’t divulge what I do during the day because an avalanche of bullshit predictably follows from my “peers.”

    Dear Librarians: do not fall into this – It is too late for the tech people of the world – so few of us still have souls and social skills and clothing other than stained tshirts received for free at some kind of “con,” but for you it may not be too late 🙂

  3. Oh also, it’s cute when people try to get “hits” while being accusatory of others trying to get “hits”

    of course, the modern universe knows hits are kinda useless and we should be talking subscriptions, page views and durations of visit. Yet, I digress.

  4. @floopjack. ha! my friend in IT (he does e-learning for a big box retailer) just told me that he was moved to the Human Resources department because there was so much childish bullshit going on in IT that he threatened to quit! I had no idea. and to BossLady: “just be kind boys and girls….all of you” yes. yes. and more yes.

  5. This is a great blog, like someone else said earlier, I wish I had written it.

    This behavior is embarrassing, very embarrassing. I have a friend who is a school media specialist, she insists on calling herself a teacher before Librarian….because of the unprofessional behavior associated with Librarians.

    A good example: I’m sticking with the ALA Think Tank and I’m hoping that more positive people come back to it or make their voices heard. One of the administrators swears he’s not cool with the aggressive bullying sort of behavior going on in there…at this point I don’t know. ALATT is a great idea, but a few bitter people are ruining it for the rest of us.

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