Staying Engaged

We are back for some Friday Thoughts, people.

Here’s my deep thoughts for today: you absolutely, positively, have to stay engaged in your profession at large. If you don’t, you will just become a stifled, stale version of yourself. Maybe to you this sounds obvious, but here’s the thing. We all know some librarians who were probably good librarians at one time but they stopped learning, they stopped being engaged in the conversation of librarianship. So then they become one of those *other* kinds of professionals. You know….the out of touch one, the hater, the clueless. And the thing is? I think that’s really hard to do in librarianship. I mean, we have traditional journals and conferences, but we also having engaging, inspiring conversations even on social media all of the time (like #critlib).

I started thinking about this while I was prepping for a talk and workshop I’m doing next week. I love this kind of stuff. It is hard and it takes a lot of time and planning, but I love to go to different places and talk about the things that make me passionate about librarianship. Like, what evidence do we have that academic libraries leads to student retention and student success? (WE HAVE A LOT. LET’S DO THIS.)

So, as Friday wraps up, my advice to you friends is, “don’t become a dud.” Keep learning. Keep going. Keep doing. Keep pushing the boundaries. Keep making those positive changes. Don’t get too comfortable.

Or move on and get out of the way. I’m pretty sure I will. In fact, I have a pact with some librarian friends that we will *tell each other* when we become those people.

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