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Library Leadership as Performance Art

Last night during a really awesome #libleadgender discussion on Twitter, my friend @erinaleach posed this question: Gendered expectations for leaders is one version of performance. How else do we ask our leaders to perform? #libleadgender It took me a minute. And then it made my brain explode in that way where I think “I have … Continue reading Library Leadership as Performance Art

Conflict Avoidance and Leadership

First, I missed Friday Thoughts last week so consider this Friday Thoughts on a Monday. Oh, well. I had good intentions and surely that should count for something. I’m in the process of writing an article with the fabulous Jessica Olin (@olinj on the Twitters) and I don’t want to steal anything from it, but … Continue reading Conflict Avoidance and Leadership

Friday Thoughts: I’m Exhausted

So, where has the time gone already in this shiny new Fall semester? I HAVE NO IDEA. (This is a famous phrase in my house. The boy child says it a lot, especially in response to “Where are your shoes?” and “How did you get so dirty?”) I thought I’d start a new feature. Well, … Continue reading Friday Thoughts: I’m Exhausted

The Contentious Job of the Library Director

I’m writing this today in response to what I thought was a good post in Inside Higher Ed. As my friend Scott Walter¬†mentioned to me today,¬†I also would have liked it to not be as much about the management of library resources and collections focused. Hey, can’t win them all. It’s also pretty obvious to … Continue reading The Contentious Job of the Library Director

In Defense of Directors: It’s Lonely at the Top

A couple of weeks ago I was teaching in a week-long, immersive workshop and found myself, as I often am, defending library directors. Now, this post is not in defense of the raging lunatics (which I’ve worked for) or the absent library director (been there, done that), but it is in defense of the ones … Continue reading In Defense of Directors: It’s Lonely at the Top