The Great #CleanAndPurge2015

Happy New Year!

Today, I’m going to sort of hijack my own blog. This blog is for my mostly professional thoughts, but I wanted to put some thoughts together on a thing I’m doing that I’ve discussed on the Twitter: #CleanAndPurge2015.

We all have a lot of stuff, right? And some of us have projects we started or meant to start. Some of us could use a good deep cleaning of the kitchen or maybe of our offices. So, what are we waiting for? I’ve read a million (at least) articles about how all of this stuff and clutter can bring us down. And it’s a new year, right?

Personally, I hate the clutter and I try not to let it build very much. But, I have two small people and also a pretty big house. So, there are nooks and crannies around here where stuff gets shoved and sits. There are five humans, three dogs and two cats in this house. We can make a pretty big mess.

I don’t do resolutions, but I do like to start the year off right (and I totally will be at the gym *tomorrow*), but for today, I’m starting the Great Clean and Purge of 2015.

I started with a list. It has about 25 spaces to clean, things to organize or projects to do on it (including two things at work). I’m not following any one person’s philosophy on this or going by a set plan. But, I am going to do one thing on this list a day for the entire month of January. (And some days I will double up, since Midwinter hits at the end of the month. Hint, hint, librarians).

One more thing: sometimes the things you need to purge from your life are toxic relationships or people. I totally condone using this month as the month to do that, too. Been there, done that. It’s time to get rid of the things that hold no value, hold you back, drag you down, make you sad, make you mad, make you frustrated.

So, want to join me? Maybe today is the day that you just start the list. Or do a little thing like put all of the shoes away (*adds to my list.) Either way, let me know how you’re doing and what your plans are over on the Twitter @winelibrarian and use the hashtag #CleanAndPurge2015

Happy Organizing, Finishing, and Cleaning!

One thought on “The Great #CleanAndPurge2015

  1. I totally did this, all on my own! I have four fronts going, at present: the basement, the bedroom, the desk at the office, and my truck.

    The basement, I’m tackling one bag of trash/week (we just don’t have room in the trash bin to get rid of any more). The bedroom, one armful of clothes that no longer fit a day. The desk at work, mostly maintenance. The truck, every time I arrive at home or work, ensure there isn’t anything “living” there that isn’t supposed to live there (e.g. dirty gym clothes or the container I used to take my lunch into work)

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