The Smile File

This week’s blog post continues our theme of finding your workplace happiness (I know I didn’t really declare this a theme, yet I see it as I look back on my last few posts.)

Every one who has worked with me or for me and knows me has probably has heard me say “Put it in your smile file.” So, in honor of my vacation starting this week, I thought I’d write a blog post about The Smile File.

We all have crappy days. Everyone. If someone says they never have a crappy day at work, they are a liar. What do you do when you want to close your door and cry? Well, sometimes, you close the door and cry. But, after that, you pull out your Smile File.

Your Smile File needs to have things in it that sing your praises and give you the accolades you deserve. Because when you’re having that crappy day, chances are you are not giving them to yourself.

Remember that talk you gave and someone sent you a really nice thank you note telling you how much they appreciated it? Smile File.

That email from a professor about how great that class was? Smile File.

The post it from your boss calling you a rock star? Smile File.

The cards your thoughtful friends send you? Smile File.

Put all of those items into a file. Put the file in your desk. Take out when necessary.

You’re welcome.
smile file

Ahora me voy a España. Vamos a beber mucho vino y comer tapas y ver las cosas bellas.

Thanks my friend Tara for the reminder that I need to do this too!

The smile file doesn’t have to be just for work. If you need to, make one at home with notes from your kids that say “I love you more than anything” so that you can take it out when they slam the doors in your face. Not that I understand that or anything.


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