Things Librarians Love (Or Should). Ahem.

So there was a list today. And since I haven’t blogged in a while and also I am procrastinating prepping for a big meeting (IT WILL BE FINE), I present to you a list of things that librarians love and it is a better list than was on an unnamed online source today that is notorious for annoying, crappy lists.

These are in no particular order.

1. Cardigans. We work in places with notoriously whacky HVAC systems. Also, they are cute.

2. Booze. Not everyone is a drinker, but every social event that involves drinking and librarians? It goes through a lot of booze. I promise you this. We can put away the booze.

3. Book carts. Fine. Apparently, some librarians need/love these, so it stays.

4. Patrons. The ones that are  nice to us, send us thank you notes, stop and tell us how we changed their lives or how much they like what we are doing. Are there bad days and terrible patrons? Yes, but to ever list “complaining about patrons” on a list of things we love? Bad form.

5. Space Heaters. See reason for number one.

6. Free Conference Shit. We love these. Especially if there is a tote bag. If you haven’t had your ankles smashed in by someone pulling a cart full of swag, you haven’t lived.

7. Free Food. Free cake in the middle of an ALA conference looks like…well, a thousand people pushing and shoving to get free cake. Combine free food with free booze, like at a vendor party, and we will go and listen to vendor reps yammer on forever and a day. There may also be free fancy swag at said party.

8. Free books. The Advanced Reader Copies. We ship them home from conferences (ironically making them not really free.) We shall not mention #arcgate though.

9. ModCloth. We are all wearing it or a copy of something from it at conferences and we look damn adorable. (Usually with polka dots.)

10. Pencil skirt. It goes with number one. We rock it.

11. Tote Bags. I am ashamed to admit how many tote bags I have. We all leave an ALA conference with at least two, I would bet. Well, we might NEED THEM ALL SOME DAY.

12. Inserting cute animals in conference presentations. I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS, BUT EVERYONE ON MY TWITTER AGREED.

13. Twitter. We have a fairly large network of active Twitter librarians and we love it and each other. <3


15. Being Passive Agressive. Our profession really takes this to an art form.

16. Awards. And then Award Hating. If you’re not one of us, you probably won’t want to know more than that.

17. Rockstar Librarians. …

18. Socks. I will give the woman this one. Most of the librarians I know do love quirky, cute, and fun socks.

19. Books. Whether e-book or print, most of us do actually like to read. But I hope we don’t judge other people’s preferences.

20. Being Helpful. For goodness sake, if you can’t agree to this one, you are most definitely in the wrong profession. Even if you don’t help the public, you probably help your colleagues. Or at least you should.

21. (Addendum.) Cats. And things with cats on them. I FORGOT THIS AND I HAVE TWO CATS. Oy.

22. (Oops.) I also forgot glasses.

I will not add sensible shoes because ew.

Honorable mention. Neil Gaiman. I mean, I get it. I guess. But, I am not a crazy librarian fangirl. However, I put him here because like 90% of the librarians I know are.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the list: @jaleh_f, @erinaleach, @kdnorthrup, @cougarlibrarian @sarainthestacks

Note: This list is heavily female librarian oriented. And, while there is often a lot of kerfuffle about male librarians and a lot of male librarian hating on social media, I love my guybrarian manbrarian friends and so a big shout out to them and I would be happy to add to the list if they want :)

Apparently, for the men, I shall add here sweater vests, bow ties, and fedora hats. HAPPY NOW?

Have more? Tweet to me at @winelibrarian and maybe I will add it. 😉


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