47 billion dollars of Bitcoin, the lawsuit that never ends!

The lawsuit between Kleiman’s family and Craig Wright never ends! Since 2018, the family of the deceased David Kleiman has been trying to recover part of the jackpot awarded to himself the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin. While a verdict was rendered during a final judgment in March. David Kleiman’s brother, named Ira, returns to the charge.

Desperate to recover bitcoins

Indeed, the case does not end there, since Kleiman’s brother then requested a new trial. The latter considers that Wright’s lawyers influenced the jurors. Indeed, Wright’s attorneys repeatedly told jurors that the brothers were estranged. They also insisted that Ira had not seen his brother David for over 3 years when he died in 2013.

According to the person concerned, the behavior of the lawyers made him pass for an unworthy brother and would therefore have leaned against him.

But Judge Beth Bloom had denied Kleiman’s request in February, on the grounds that he had not challenged those statements at trial. Especially since the judge did not consider these remarks sufficiently prejudicial to start a new trial.

It was following this decision by Judge Bloom that Kleiman’s brother decided to appeal. However, that doesn’t mean that Craig Wright seems worried, as he said:

“I won the first time and I expect to win again,” Wright said in a statement Friday. His lawyer Andrés Rivero de Rivero Mestre said the trial was “eminently fair”.

It seems that we are not ready to see the end of this trial, which began in 2018. Because Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, has other trials in progress. In particular for falsification of evidence.

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