500,000 additional Teslas recalled

Whether useful or perfectly superfluous functions, the Tesla contain many devices more amazing than each other. Among the most offbeat is the BoomBox.

Introduced in 2020, this function allows sounds to be output outside the vehicle via external speakers. It is, for example, possible to broadcast your favorite music via this system. Beyond the more than questionable interest of this possibility, the NHTSA, the public body responsible for road safety in the United States, also sees it as a breach of safety rules.

Indeed, the BoomBox can also be used while the vehicle is moving, thus possibly masking the sounds produced by the pedestrian warning system which warns them of the arrival of an electric vehicle. Citing non-compliance with the federal standard relating to vehicle safety and bearing the number 141, the NHTSA forces Tesla to modify certain Model Y, Model S and Model X put into circulation since the 2020 model year as well as Model 3 belonging to the vintage 2017 and following. That is a total of 578,607 vehicles.

The manufacturer has already indicated that the modification imposed by the NHTSA will be done by OTA update, that is to say without the owners of the vehicles concerned having to go to their dealer. It is, in fact, to simply deactivate the BoomBox function when the Drive, Neutral or Reverse modes of the transmission are engaged.

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