A Facebook group to find love in Tesla

And it’s from the US. Do we have the right to doubt it? A Facebook group for single people who drive a Tesla and want to share a little more than their passion. Fun!

From targeted advertising to Superchargers

I will pay tribute to a historic member of the Tesla Mag Forum. Indeed, Phil had developed a chatcar application which made it possible to contact the owner of a Tesla parked at a Supercharger with the help of his license plate and the app.

It may have been a ready-made application to meet demand.

A universe that invites rapprochement?

So there between the fans and the investors, we can assure you that the potential is huge. In writing, it is several hundred testimonies of divorce because of unrequited passion.

So a group to find or rediscover love is certainly a very good plan. Notice to amateurs, who wants the address?

Electric love is coming!

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