“A federation of generations”, a Tesla owner testifies

At Tesla Magazine, we encourage exchanges between generations. Whether through our Forum between owners and novices or through articles written by some veterans of the Tesla Mag community. Each time, we make sure that the exchanges can allow an exchange of value. This text demonstrates this ambition.

Text written by Frédéric and published with his exclusive consent.

I’ve been driving a Tesla for a few months. A car that we like or not but which has its effect.

On the road, you observe the model as if you were observing your own vehicle. It is clear that we peel the chosen configuration. We wave hello. It may seem silly, but it’s always better than making less nice gestures for sometimes obscure reasons.

The reactions of those around

Fun to watch it roll from all angles, from the front, from behind or in the street when it passes, we observe this beautiful object which makes no noise and we take the opportunity to drive in a convoy.
When you park, it’s also fun. “Is it an electric? “. “Do you miss the noise? “. “How is autonomy? “. “Ah, you chose it in blue, I had hesitated with white”. “No I’m not going in, I’m going to dirty it for you”. “ah the white interior my god…I’m too manic I couldn’t”. “How beautiful and pleasant they are”…and the granny who replies “when she backs up she makes a noise like a spaceship” mimicking the latter with a big smile.

What a pleasure to see such a federation of generations.

At the shipper, we chat as if we knew each other, taking our time. In 10 minutes, we meet people from all walks of life. I love technology for its goodness but refuse to be its slave. This challenge, this revolution brings more than a capacity to move. It offers a link, this same link as the social networks made us lose. That’s the challenge and that’s the technology.

The paradox is that in the end, there is nothing left on the on-board console, there are only a few configuration choices left with the 5 colors, 2 models of rims and interior, but yet a Tesla offers more.
This has a price or rather two:

  • The first is that of a choice of management of a purchasing station specific to each person’s needs. This cannot satisfy everyone, especially since the cost is now even higher.
  • The second is the relationship with the owners of other brands who are struggling to compete as the lesson has been so hard prepared. Performance, roominess and comfort are top notch in a Tesla.

Everyone’s taste remains indisputable and must be respected but will again allow lively discussions… »Where did you park your big pile? “.

That evening I had two revenges: the first with his wife who was surprised by the sensations “it’s stronger than in the Porsches”, she told me and the second when she told me a little later ” how nice, at least we are not in a hurry to go down to rest the eardrums! “.

6 months ago, I was driving in a Diesel sedan with the star which I still find very beautiful. Despite this, I don’t have the slightest regret, quite the contrary. Beyond a daily pleasure, my Tesla encourages exchange. I would tell Elon to aim even more accurately to share this little piece of happiness even more with as many people as possible… the next little one or the next little one will make some noise.

An advice

PS: if you hesitate, avoid the white interior blue…I already have it that would be a shame…lol

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