A new feature to save time

Google may be working on a new feature that will make setting up any smart TV easier. Usually, setting up a new smart TV or Android TV can be time-consuming, but going through the process of organizing your favorite apps with different login credentials can be frustrating at times. However, Google may soon simplify this process.

New code found in the recent update to the Google TV setup app suggests that Google wants to make the process easier than it is now. Google may use your Google Account data to automatically sign in to apps.

“Several apps are supplied with your TV and will be installed during setup, apps for your subscriptions will also be installed. App information from devices linked to your Google Account will be used to set up and connect to these apps on your TV.

This suggests that GoogleTV would likely use another connected device to connect during TV setup. This method allows the smart TV to copy your favorite app data from your account details.

Google Assistant usually saves login info from your subscription apps to stay in sync when you connect to another Google product, like some of the best smart speakers. Because credentials are already synced with Assistant, the experience between devices can be seamless when using music streaming and other apps. It also helps show recommendations on what to watch when you log into an app you subscribe to.

However, users must re-login to applications when using GoogleTV to get full access, which means it will take longer to access your favorite apps and shows.

This new feature hopes to remove the extra step of connecting to all your streaming apps when setting up a Chromecast with Google TV, for example. It’s not yet clear when it will start working for users, but this approach could help make setting up your new smart TV a faster, hassle-free experience.

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