a new version with drums could soon be marketed

A version of the Tesla Model Y with a range of 450 kilometers on the EPA cycle appeared a few weeks ago, and it seemed reserved for Tesla employees. Today we learn a little more about this particular model, following the event at the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

The Texas Gigafactory // Source: Tesla

The arrival of a new variant of a vehicle from the firm of Elon Musk never goes unnoticed, and it is the turn of the Tesla Model Y to experience a major evolution. Indeed, it was confirmed during the Cyber ​​Rodeo event at the new factory in Austin that a Tesla Model Y “Standard Range” was being produced.

The first vehicles with the revolutionary new cells

Tesla had announced with great fanfare the future developments in terms of battery production during its 2020 battery day, with a new cylindrical format called “4680” (46 millimeters in diameter, 80 high).

Once is not custom with the American firm, these cells which were to equip the Tesla Model S Plaid + have been delayed, and this variant of Model S has even been canceled. Today, we learn that the first Tesla Model Y out of the Austin Gigafactory are produced with these cells, but are currently reserved for brand employees.

Tesla Model Y: an unprecedented battery version could soon be marketed
Photo of the Berlin Gigafactory//Source: Tesla

We told you about it last March, when the official EPA website recorded a new variant of Tesla Model Y with a different range from what we had known so far. Don’t imagine having to deal with better autonomy than what is offered with the Long Autonomy and Performance versions of Tesla’s SUV, quite the contrary.

With 279 miles according to the EPA (448 kilometers), this Tesla Model Y with a structural battery pack and 4680 cells undoubtedly exists so that the manufacturer can validate the proper functioning of the new cell format in real conditions, which explains the fact that they are reserved for employees.

A transitional model

Electrek claims, however, that this new variant could be available to everyone in the coming weeks with a price of around $60,000. It would therefore be $3,000 cheaper than the Tesla Model Y Grande Autonomie in the USA, offering 531 kilometers of EPA autonomy (or 19% more). For Europe, it should not be expected that this variant will be offered at the moment, since the Gigafactory in Berlin which aims to supply the local market does not produce cells in the 4680 format, and this should not not change before 2023.

Many fans of the brand seem to welcome this news with a touch of disappointment, imagining that the 4680 cells would necessarily be synonymous with more autonomy, but it should be kept in mind that we do not know for the moment the capacity of the battery pack of this Tesla Model Y, which is undoubtedly a transitional model, while the manufacturer validates the proper functioning of its new cells.

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