A reassuring photo of a Ford Mach-E

While we can read here and there that the beginnings of the Ford Mach-E are difficult in France. We are happy to share the image of a Ford Mach-e owner driving around Paris!

It’s a new electric vehicle which brings the hope of a revival for a historic brand. We had informed you of the new organization of the group, Ford Model E, which wishes to isolate the activity electric under a new brand.

It seemed strange to us to wait so long to see Ford Mach-E in the streets of Paris so this image is reassuring. It marks the revival of the brand in France.

A first owner shares his experience on board

I would like to start by saying that this is the first vehicle entirely electric in which I rode.

I started with my colleague in the driver’s seat, and let me start by saying that I was very impressed. It’s obviously no ordinary Mustang, but it’s beautiful in its own way. The 10 inch screen is stunning and definitely adds to the vision of being a vehicle electriclike the Tesla.

I had the opportunity to go on the freeway and a few side roads, and hit the “throttle” and was amazed at the power it had. Even when we were in gear, he pressed the throttle and I was pushed into the seat every time.

Since this is a new vehicle, but nevertheless electricI didn’t appreciate the sensitivity of the brakes, as my vehicles are a bit older and nowhere near as sensitive as these.

I didn’t really like the one-pedal drive option, which brakes the vehicle if you take your foot off the accelerator. It’s fine for city driving, but not for me personally. There was an option (I forget what it’s called) to mute certain driving sounds, which was very cool.

All in all, definitely not a Mustang, but it’s an amazing vehicle and I can’t wait to see what Ford will do with this model.

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