Amazing ‘invisible house’ spotted on Google Maps

In London, in the Richmond district, an architect let loose by imagining “an invisible house”. For this, he covered the front facade with mirrors. The effect is so stunning that many passers-by don’t even notice this house.

And if passers-by see nothing, the owners of the house see everything! Indeed, these are one-way mirrors that allow you to see, without being seen. This gives rise to unusual situations. Sometimes the family living in the house sees people combing their hair or looking at each other directly in front of them.

“Our architect Alex Haw had the idea for the mirror. The mirror would allow the house to interact with its environment. You can see the trees on the roundabout and the clouds reflecting off the house. We really liked the idea and gladly accepted it. “, explained the family.

To admire it, you don’t need to go to London. You can watch this unusual dwelling on Google Street View.

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