An international summit in Tahiti on crypto and its economy

Tahiti, May 6, 2022 – The first edition of the Polynesian Islands Crypto Summit (PICS) will take place from June 5 to 7 at the InterContinental Tahiti. Web3, blockchain and crypto-economy are on the program of this unique and free event with three days of conferences led by fifteen international speakers.

This is an event that has been particularly talked about in recent weeks at fenua. “Born from a modest ambition in mid-2021, the Polynesian Islands Crypto Summit (PICS) has over the months become one of the most anticipated crypto events of 2022”announces in a press release the coordinator and co-organizer of the PICS, Hellmouth Banner, who is responsible for the editor-in-chief of the Corner Newspaper, a reference in this economic sector, from Moorea. During three days of conferences, from June 5 to 7 at the InterContinental Tahiti, around fifteen international speakers -whether business leaders, law and regulation experts or entrepreneurs…- will address Web3 topics. , blockchain and crypto-economy.

No question here of a training seminar to make a fortune in bitcoin, the event is also free and accessible “on reservation”. On the contrary, the PICS positions itself as “space for exchange, information and education essentially focused on the potential for growth, development and employment offered by the sector, for the benefit of Polynesia and Polynesians”. Three days that will obviously not be too many to tackle themes that are ubiquitous today, but often difficult to assess precisely, such as NFTs, the metaverse or quite simply cryptocurrencies. “Still largely unknown to the general public and often associated with many received ideas, these new concepts – sometimes complex or even counter-intuitive – nevertheless outline the digital world in which we will evolve in the coming years”explain the organizers of the summit.

“Allow Polynesia to integrate”

Exposing this ecosystem, presenting its opportunities in terms of employment, highlighting Polynesia and raising awareness among the general public are the main objectives of this first meeting of its kind. “The PICS finally aims to allow Polynesia to integrate into the national dynamic on the subject.” Accompanied by the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals, the summit will notably welcome entrepreneur Owen Simonin, who intervenes in particular on BFM and who officiates as a “popularizer”, Thibaut Boutrou, director of operations of Just Mining, European leader in blockchain security, Nicolas Lemaitre, director of Avalanche France, Benoit Huguet, founder of BitConseil and co-founder of the first French media on the blockchain, the Journal du Coin, Julien Henrot-Dias, CEO of the Deskoin exchange platform, Saimi Barragan, CEO of Start Mining, European specialist in mining on renewable energy or Hugo Manteau, CEO of QoWatt, blockchain start-up specializing in the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles.


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