An SMS from Health Insurance to change your Vitale card? This is a scam!


If you have received a supposed text message from the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) asking you to take the necessary steps to update your Vitale card, be careful
! It is a scam, underlines the site

In this text message, a link on which hackers encourage you to click on a link to renew your Vitale card. This is where it is the scam
: your name, your first name, your address and especially your bank details will be requested. All to supposedly update your Vitale card.

Tips to avoid this type of scam

Already in January 2022, users of the Health Insurance website – Ameli – were targeted by a similar scam. This time, the text message indicated that €642 would be reimbursed by the CPAM… on condition that they give their bank details again.

To avoid this type of scam, there are simple tips:

1/ Check the website address. The real Health Insurance website is “” and nothing else.

2/ This type of administration can send you SMS but never to ask for your bank details or personal information. You may be asked for this information after you have logged in to your Ameli account.

3/ Updating the Vitale card is free and can be done, for example, in a pharmacy or at a doctor’s.

4/ If despite these advices you have transmitted banking information to a scammer, contact your bank as soon as possible to oppose.


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