Are you paying too much for home insurance in your area?

To ensure your accommodation at a lower cost, it is better to live in Brittany. This is one of the main lessons of a study published on Tuesday by Assurland. According to the online insurance comparator, which analyzed 35,000 quotes, insuring your home cost an average of 216 euros in 2021. A figure that is generally stable compared to the previous year, but which still hides significant disparities between regions. …

Prices are skyrocketing in Occitania

Brittany is indeed the region where the cost of home insurance is the lowest in France (171 euros per year on average). This can be explained in particular by a rate of declared claims which is the lowest in the country. Normandy (190 euros per year) and Pays de la Loire (179 euros per year) are the two other regions that have experienced relatively low price changes since 2010.

Conversely, home insurance prices are soaring in the south-eastern regions. Insuring your accommodation in Paca thus costs on average 240 euros per year, an increase of 33% compared to 2010. The same trend in Occitanie, where the price of home insurance amounts to 232 euros per year ( + 40%). These regions suffer from a high loss rate, which can be explained in particular by an upsurge in the number of burglaries. Climatic disasters, which have multiplied in recent years in the south-east of France, are also driving up home insurance prices. But it is in Ile-de-France that the prices are the highest: 242 euros on average per year. That is an increase of 32% compared to 2010.

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“Go around the market”

“The increase in the amount of property to be insured, the number of burglaries and climatic events have led to a 33% increase in home insurance premiums in ten years, explains Olivier Moustacakis, co-founder of In this context, remaining faithful to your insurer is not a good calculation. It is best to shop around every eighteen to twenty-four months to find better deals.”


Note that all regions combined, the average price of home insurance for a house is 260 euros, against only 180 euros for an apartment. Assurland also reveals that 56% of people who insure their accommodation opt for a basic formula, which offers the following guarantees: civil liability, water damage, theft, fire and natural disaster. This option includes wear and tear deducted in the event of a claim. 44% of policyholders, on the other hand, opt for the superior formula, which fulfills additional guarantees but costs 20 to 25% more.


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