Should you invest in Filecoin (FIL) at the current price?

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Course of filecoin (THREAD): what is the current price? Here is the live price of Filecoin. Filecoin news as of 05/05/2022 Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web continues to grow. She announced this week a partnership with MuckRock to “Bridging the gap between newsrooms and people interested in public records.” … Read more

MMJ should join a mutualist group

The Mutual for Justice and Security Professions (MMJ) has taken a big step in its process of leaving the AG2R La Mondiale group The Mutual for justice and security professions should be able to carry out his plan to leaveAG2R the World. As a reminder, MMJ announced on January 19 that she intended to leave … Read more

Binance lays half a billion dollars on the table to buy Twitter with Elon Musk

They buy Twitter cash – Say that the billionaire Elon Musk single-handedly redeemed Twitter for $44 billion is not entirely true. Indeed, the whimsical CEO of Tesla received a little boost from 18 co-investors. Among them, one of the most important is none other than… the crypto-stock exchange Binance of Changpeng “CZ” Zhao! Elon Musk … Read more

Overweight men die more often from prostate cancer

The risk of dying from prostate cancer is higher in overweight men, concludes a large study published Thursday, May 5, without establishing a direct physiological link between these two phenomena. Read alsoCancers: “signaturesto paint a more accurate picture of tumors This study, published in the journal BMC Medicine, is of unprecedented scope on the subject. … Read more

Alan, the start-up that is shaking up health insurance is now worth 2.7 billion euros

The Parisian company is closing a new funding round of 183 million euros and wants to convince large companies to adopt its digital health insurance solution. Objective “decacorn”? Barely a year after obtaining its unicorn “label”, a valuation of at least a billion dollars, the start-up Alan is now aiming higher. The Parisian company created … Read more

High Adoption Of Google Ads Automation, Marketers Unhappy With Recommendations has just released a new global report on the state of PPC for 2022. It includes feedback from over 500 PPC specialists from around the world. The results cover search marketers’ biggest concerns, top priorities, spend data, automation insights, and a wealth of information on the most pressing paid search trends. Here’s a breakdown … Read more