In Toulouse, the pediatric emergencies of the Children’s Hospital are always full

the essential At the Children’s Hospital of Toulouse University Hospital, pediatric emergencies record between 200 and 220 passages per day, from Monday to Sunday. Epidemics, saturation of liberal cabinets, impossibility for certain families to advance the costs: the activity would be up to 70% higher. Overwhelmed pediatric emergencies, weekdays and weekends, in April and October. … Read more

2022 guide to cryptocurrency tax reporting

This article is written in partnership with Waltio (find out more) This guide is brought to you by tax assistant Waltio, and is intended for individuals investing on an occasional basis and does not deal with the taxation applicable to professional traders. The assessment of the quality of occasional or habitual trader depends on the … Read more

92% in France, what symptoms?

NEW VARIANT. This sub-variant of Omicron is the majority in France. 92% of positive covid tests analyzed by Santé Publique France come from the BA.2 variant. What are its symptoms? How dangerous is it? Is it possible to be re-infected? Summary [Mis à jour le 8 avril 2022 à 11h13] BA.2 is a subvariant of Omicronitself a variant … Read more

New suggestions from Google Docs will try to fix your writing mistakes

Google is leveraging more AI to help Google Docs users write more efficiently. The app, part of Google’s t suite, will provide helpful suggestions to improve writing style, ensure inclusiveness and avoid unnecessary words through a feature called assisted writing suggestions. “These new features offer a variety of stylistic and editorial suggestions when composing documentsGoogle … Read more