Back pain: the anti-inflammatories in question

DECRYPTION – A study raises the question of their responsibility in the chronicization of back pain.

The risk is great, for each of us, to suffer at least once in our life from low back pain, that is to say pain whose source is located between the 12e thoracic vertebra and the intergluteal fold. Very unpleasant, even downright disabling, this acute back pain resolves, in 90% of cases, in less than four to six weeks. How?

The best treatment to treat low back pain – the only one, in fact, to have scientifically proven its effectiveness – is not intuitive: it is physical activity. “The worst you can do is to lie down, because it prolongs the pain and increases the risk of sick leave”recalls the Pr Julien Nizard, head of the pain center at the Nantes University Hospital. On the contrary, it is recommended to move as much as the discomfort allows during the attack, and, once the problem has been solved, to maintain an endurance sports activity (swimming, jogging, cycling, etc.) to avoid recurrences.

Even though “no painkiller has proven…

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