Best life insurance 2022: discover the 36 Gold Trophies of Revenue

An annual benchmark event for life insurance, the Revenue Gold Trophies in 2022 reward the best policies on the market. Two new categories enrich this 45th edition: the Gold Trophies for funds in euros accessible without conditions and “thematic” contracts. Discover the 36 2022 winners.

Like every year since 1978, Income awards, in 2022, Gold Trophies to the best life insurance contracts, according to a rigorous methodology based on twenty technical and financial criteria.

The Gold Trophies ceremony, chaired by Robert Monteuxfounder of Revenuewas held this Thursday, March 24 in Paris in the presence of life insurance professionals.

In 2022, the 45and edition of the oldest prize has selected the seventy best contracts among which thirty-six winners receive a Gold Trophy in seven categories:

Gold Trophies “Best Mutual Insurance Contracts”: 4 winners

– Multi-support Future Free Savings Account (MIF),
– Curator Helios Patrimoine (The Curator),
– Multisupport RES (MACSF)
– Winalto (Maaf Life)

Gold Trophies “Best savings association contracts”: 4 winners

– Cler (Axa France Vie / Agipi)
– Afer Contract (Bee Life / Afer)
– Retirement Savings 2 Plus (Allianz Vie)
– Asac-Fapès and Gaipare Fidelissimo (Allianz Life / Gaipare)

Gold Trophies “Best contracts on the Internet”: 8 winners

– BforBank Life (Spirica / BforBank),
– Boursorama Life (Generali Life / Boursorama),
– Evolution Life (Abeille Vie /,
– Fortuneo Life (Suravenir / Fortuneo),
– Linxea Avenir (Suravenir / Linxea),
– Better Liberty Life rates (Spirica / Better Placement rates),
– Patriméa Premium (Oradea Life / Patriméa),
[email protected] (SwissLife Assurance and Patrimoine/Altaprofits)

Gold Trophies “Best banking and insurance contracts”: 4 winners

– Arpeggios (Axa France Vie),
– Cachemire Patrimoine (CNP Assurances / La Banque Postale),
– Ebony (Sogecap / Societe Generale),
– Privilege multi-investments (BNP Paribas Cardif)

Gold Trophies “Best CGP contracts”: 2 winners

– Target+ (Oradea Life / Primonial)
– Heritage Life Plus (Suravenir / Life Plus)

Exclusivity of Revenue, in these categories, for each award-winning contract, the editorial staff recommends an allocation according to a prudent profile (80% on the fund in euros and 20% in units of account) and according to a balanced profile (60% and 40%). In 2021 alone, our 60-40 strategy achieved a remarkable performance of +10%, on average!

This year, the Life Insurance Gold Trophies are enriched with two new categories:

Gold Trophies “Best contracts with a fund in euros open to all” : 10 winners

This new prize rewards single or multi-support contracts with a fund in euros accessible without unit-linked conditions: a category requested by our readers!

– Responsible and Solidarity life insurance (Maif Vie),
– Building savings (SMA Vie BTP),
– Afer Contract (Bee Life / Afer),
– Dynavie (Capma & Capmi / Monceau Assurances),
– Garance Savings (Guarantee),
– Multeo Series 2 (GMF Life),
– Multi Life (Mutavie / Macif),
– Éparmil plan (AGPM Life)
– RES Multisupport (MACSF).

Gold Trophies “Best Thematic Contracts” 4 winners

This new Gold Trophy rewards innovative contracts that give meaning to savings

Sotck exchange : Placement-direct Vie (SwissLife Assurance et Patrimoine /;
ETFs: Yomoni Life (Surfuture/Yomoni);
ethical funds: Kaori.Vie (Generali Vie / Asac-Fapès / Secours Catholique);
Immovable (Corum Life / Corum Savings).

Find exclusively in the monthly Income dated April 2022 and on in the coming days, details of the technical and financial characteristics (performance of the fund in euros, fees, etc.) as well as the funds to be subscribed, contract by contract.

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