Best life insurance 2022: the 4 thematic contracts awarded by Le Revenu

Do you want to give meaning to your savings? Le Revenu has selected four innovative contracts for you to invest directly in equities, real estate, in ETFs or in ethical funds. They obtained a 2022 Revenue Gold Trophy.

In recent years, the life insurance offer has become very rich. There are currently several hundred contracts open for marketing. New contracts are emerging. They were developed around a particular theme or invested in specific fund categories.

Their aim: to meet the expectations of increasingly demanding and informed savers who wish to give meaning to their investments and benefit from the tax advantages of life insurance.

Invest according to your convictions

The drafting of Revenue wished to reward four contracts, all recent. If you want to invest directly in equities, the all-new Internet brokerage contract Placement-direct insured by Swiss Life opens the doors to stock exchanges on three continents: Europe, America and Asia.

To give meaning to your savings, the Kaori Vie contract designed by Generali, Asac-Fapès and Secours Catholique gives you access to ethical funds.

To invest in ETFs (or trackers), these low-cost funds that replicate indices, the Yomoni contract provided by Suravenir has proven itself with its ten managed management profiles.

Finally, if you have a real estate streak, Corum Life allows you to invest in in-house real estate funds (SCPIs and bond funds) at no additional cost.

Common point of these contracts rewarded by Income : transparent and reasonable fees in relation to the quality of the contract and the service rendered.

Here are the characteristics of the four “thematic” contracts awarded the Trophée d’Or du Revenue :


. Contract : Life direct placement (Direct placement / Swiss Life)

. Costs : 0% entry fee and 0.50% management fee (0.80% on live securities).

Succeeding the Darjeeling contract, it is one of the most complete contracts on the market (more than 1,000 funds available including ETFs and real estate funds), but it is distinguished by the possibility of investing in three hundred shares directly (called “live securities” in the jargon of insurers) listed on many stock exchanges in the world: France, Europe, America, Japan, South Korea. A first for a consumer contract.

For this 100% online contract, management fees have been further reduced on account units.


. Contract : Corum Life (Corum Savings)

. Costs : 0% (no additional costs).

Corum created, in 2020, a life insurance company to directly market its two SCPIs Corum XL and Corum Origin, and four bond funds, but does not offer guaranteed funds in euros. Fund fees apply as if purchased directly. Corum Life is accessible online or via wealth advisors from 50 euros, in free management or according to six profiles.

Note, the free minimum guarantee on 100% of the sums paid in the event of death before age 65 and decreasing thereafter.


. Contract : Yomoni Life (Yomoni / Surfuture)

. Costs : 0% at entry and 1.60% maximum for controlled management.

A 100% online contract, Yomoni Vie has been a pioneer, since 2016, of ETFs (or trackers), these funds that replicate the major stock market indices.

Advantages: no hidden fees and a much lower cost than traditional funds. Yomoni Vie offers to invest on ten management profiles, according to a risk scale. In 2021, the most secure profile brought in +1.6% and the most offensive +22.7%. Note, great transparency on fees and allocations as well as a clear site that will appeal to savers at ease on the Internet.


. Contract : Kaori.Vie (Catholic Relief / Asac-Fapès / Generali)

. Costs : 0% entry fee and 0.80% management fee.

This is the first time that a charitable association has engaged in savings. Secours Catholique created the “responsible and supportive” association of savers Kaori.

Objective: to market, via the broker Asac-Fapès, a life insurance contract invested in ethical and sustainable supports, selected by the Amadeis firm. They are accessible in free management or managed management (0.3% additional cost) according to three thematic profiles: “Priority Earth”, “Priority Human” or “Priority Exemplary” to invest in ethical companies.

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