Bitcoin: 200 BTC dating from the time of Satoshi Nakamoto has just been moved

Cryogenic bitcoins come back to life – Any sign of life by Satoshi Nakamoto has been spied on since his very last known communication, dating fromApril 2011. When old people bitcoins (BTC) mined before this date start moving suddenly, suspicions light up. In the present case, these are 4 trades from 50 BTC (mined in 2010) who question.

Almost 12 years after being mined, these bitcoins are finally moving

The last known writings of Satoshi Nakamoto consisted in explaining, in an e-mail, that he was ” move on “ that his invention launched in January 2009: Bitcoin.

As reported in particular by, transactions carried out on June 24, 2022 saw the movement of mined bitcoins almost 12 years. These are bitcoins received in block rewarddated September 15, 16, 26 and October 29 respectively 2010.

You should know that at that time, the rewards distributed to miners for each validated block were 50 bitcoin. Today, after three halving » (halving of the block reward), miners now only receive 6.25 BTC per block.

The curious fact is that these 4 transactions of 50 bitcoins were made within the same block of transaction this June 24 (at the height of block 742 183). This synchronicity of movement and the proximity of the initial mining date of these BTCs suggest that they may have been moved/recovered by the same person.

One of 4 bitcoin transactions mined in 2010. – explorer

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Over $4 Million in BTC Comes to Life

An index strongly tends to confirm this hypothesis of a single entity behind these BTC transactions. L‘address of receipt is the same (bc1q923flzmmrcqvpu5j92szjt8699yxnldgshlfv5).

At the current price, and despite the recent sharp drop in BTC prices, it is still a total equivalent to $4.2 million which has just been moved from the past to the present.

This mysterious miner from 2010 doesn’t seem interested in the forked of Bitcoin. Indeed, he has no not touch to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and BSV. The two cryptocurrencies were then obtained by the schism of these 2 projects with the original BTC blockchain.

But then who could have mined these bitcoins almost 12 years ago? The first BTC miners were not very numerous until the end of 2009. They received as a reward large quantities of BTC. However, it was in 2010 that the first ancestors of BTC trading platforms appeared. This appearance attracted the first “Bitcoin Rush” crypto miners. With this multiplication mining actors, it is difficult to trace the identity of our “resuscitor” of today’s bitcoins.

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