Bitcoin: the whale that fed on $1 million in BTC every day

Crypto junkies – A month ago, we saw clear signs that the whales were accumulating ADAs from the Cardano network. Although more discreet, it would seem that these (very) large investors are taking advantage of low prices on the crypto market to also accumulate bitcoins (BTC). In any case, that’s what our whale of the day did, with millions of dollars.

The Bitcoin Whale and its “Extreme DCA”

If since the beginning of 2022, Bitcoin and the crypto market are not celebrating, the situation does not seem to discourage investors “whales”. A very wealthy and diligent crypto-investor has indeed been spotted by the C15Capital Twitter account.

So, from February 22, 2022 until the date of the screenshot below (this April 7), our whale bought each day For about $1 million and bitcoins. It has accumulated, with metronome regularity, between 24 and 26 BTC per 24 hour period.

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This investor followed to the letter, and therefore on a daily basis, the strategy of the Recurring purchases by fixed sums (DCA). Remember that the latter consists of buying regularly an asset, at any price, with a sum of fiat money fixed. In this case, BTC prices may have varied between 35,000 and 47,000 dollars over this period, our whale continued to buy and HODL all his bitcoins.

The whale at $1 million daily in bitcoins – Source: C15Capital Twitter account

It must be said that our great BTC lover was clearly not on his first try. According to the screenshot, he already had 8,652 bitcoins before his crazy DCA, and 9,779 BTC afterwards, i.e. a total exceeding the $410 million at the time of this writing. A special case that confirms the accumulation phase situation in which Bitcoin would currently be located, with “HODLers” more and more numerous.

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