“But why do it there?”

In addition to helping people find their way, Google Street View has also helped capture certain images or life moments that have caused hilarity on the internet. Moreover, on Reddit, many Internet users compile incongruous images found on the Google tool and a photo makes a lot of noise.

Near the small town of Ponte de Lima, in northern Portugal, a car is seen parked on the side of a small road. When the Google Car approaches, the image reveals a couple… in full sexual intercourse. The man appears to have his shorts at the ankles as he holds his partner’s legs on the front of a Volkswagen.

Capture Google Street View

“But why do it there? “, “Honestly, it seems like a pretty isolated place, apart from the Google Maps guy”, … The scene obviously caused a lot of talk on Reddit. Fortunately, Google blurs faces and “sensitive” parts to protect Internet users from sexual content.

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