Cancel your car insurance or your multi-risk home insurance at…

How to cancel your car, two-wheeler, home or health insurance?

Termination of compulsory insurance

For the compulsory insurance (car insurance, two-wheeler insurance and multi-risk home insurance contract for the tenant), it is the new insurer who takes care, on behalf of the insured, of the cancellation procedures with the former insurer so that there is no breakage of cover.

The insured signs the automated competition termination letter (LRCA) with his new insurer, so that the latter notifies the former insurer of the termination of the insured’s contract by registered letter.

the new contract takes effect from the termination of the old contract, the new insurer must ensure the continuity of cover for the insured throughout the duration of the termination procedure.

Termination of non-compulsory insurance

For the non-compulsory insurance contracts (complementary health, multi-risk home insurance for the owner, mobile phone theft and breakage insurance, etc.), the insured can directly address his cancellation request to his former insurer.

This notice of termination should preferably be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by any other durable medium (e-mail, etc.).

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