Car insurance: save 340 euros on average by comparing contracts online!

A tip for not paying too much for your car insurance is to compare contracts online. The comparator The Assurane Comparator allows you to save 340 euros on average* on your insurance contract without being less well insured!

With its network of 100 partners and 200 contracts scrutinized, you will be able to find the best insurance for your car… Don’t wait any longer to make the comparison!

I compare auto insurance contracts to find the best rate!

Tips for saving money on car insurance

To find the cheapest car insurance for your car, there are several tips. The comparison of auto contracts is one of them, but you will have to pay attention to other elements.

Certain elements can indeed increase the price of insurance in particular the basic guarantees, the optional guarantees, the formula (all risks for example) or the level of cover (the remainder payable, the waiting period, the deductible, etc.). By comparing these different elements, you will be sure to choose the best contract and at the best price!

In addition to this level of coverage, another tip for save money is to choose insurance based on your actual use of the vehicle. Do you use it occasionally or daily, do you lend it to a loved one or have you had bonuses or penalties with your previous insurance? All these elements will be taken into account and cause the price to vary.

According to Le Comparateur Assurance, nearly 80%* of Internet users can save an average of 340 euros. This shows the room for maneuver that you can have compared to your current car contract.

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*Le Comparateur Assurance study carried out online with 1,440 users in November 2019. 79% would save an average of €340, for equivalent guarantees.

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