Car insurance simulator: save on kilometers traveled

These days, every euro saved on your car budget is important. Rising fuel prices have an impact not negligible on the portfolio of French motorists. This summer, some of them, such as motorhomes, could reduce their trips, in order to save money. However, you should know that some car insurance companies offer so-called “mileage traveled” services. Enough to lower the budget related to your mobility.

A car insurance simulator is easily accessible, from your smartphone or from your home, thanks to a computer. In a few clicks, you will then be able to find out the savings you could make by choosing insurance per kilometer. This is timely, knowing that fuel prices are exploding at the pump. As mentioned in the introduction, motorists will therefore tend to drive much less. In addition, others have decided to simply leave their car in the garage, while their insurance premium remains fixed. In this other case, it is a pity to pay for kilometers that will never be covered. The “note could then quickly be salty”, like the salt marshes of the Ile de Ré.

The operating principle of an auto insurance simulator service is quite simple. After having estimated the number of kilometers you plan to travel over a year and, after having filled in the information related to your vehicle, the car insurance simulator finally calculates the price you will pay for your insurance contract per kilometer.

Generally, this type of contract comes in 3 parts: the basic premium (fixed), the variable premium (calculated according to your estimate of the km you could travel). The 3rd part is perhaps the most interesting because, if you drive less than expected, you could simply be reimbursed for the “unused” km. Wishing you good road, this summer, on the roads of France.



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