Cardano founder explains what users should expect from the upcoming Hard Fork Vasil.

On April 12, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, posted a “recap video” on his YouTube channel, explaining the new update that will improve Cardano after the “Vasil” hard fork.

At the start of the video, Hoskinson mentioned that he was preparing for the upcoming Consensus 2022, which will take place in Austin, Texas from June 9-12. There, he hopes to show the crypto community and Cardano enthusiasts that IOHK and the Cardano development team are “open for business.”

“We’re there, and we’re trying to get a lot of people to come and set up booths there and chat, and obviously we’re going to be having a Cardano-specific event during Consensus. »

In addition, Mr. Hoskinson announced that the Vasil hard fork (named after his late friend and ADA ambassador Vasil Dabov) will take place sometime in June and will bring a “massive performance boost to Cardano” .

“As many of you know, a major combinatorial hard fork event will take place in June, this is the Vasil hard fork, and it will contain pipelining [l’un des piliers soutenant la mise à l’échelle de Cardano]which will be a massive performance boost for Cardano. »

What changes can the Hard Fork bring?

Hoskinson previously explained that this new hard fork will introduce several scaling improvements, including “pipelining, new Plutus CIPs, UTXO disk storage, and Hydra. On the same subject : The best cryptocurrency to buy and keep in your Wallet: Zoom on Ethereum (ETH). »

“Together with parameter adjustments, these features will improve Cardano’s throughput and optimize the system to accommodate a growing range of decentralized finance (DeFi), smart contracts and DEX applications. »

Along with these changes, the Cardano IOG team is working to bring new products and features to its users, such as a DApp store, a new lightweight wallet, and bridges to move tier mainchain assets. 1 to distinct side chains.

These sidechains will enable the creation of decentralized exchanges where users can exchange their ADA for BTC and vice versa through incorruptible smart contracts, thus preventing any possibility of scams.

The Cardano team is working “on wildly aggressive timeframes”.

According to Hoskinson, the Cardano team has hundreds of engineers working “again on wildly aggressive timelines,” contrary to many media reports. See also: Shiba Titans partners with Lamina Studios to develop its Metaverse and announces the private sale of its native token..

“If you listen to the media cryptoif you listen to Cardano detractors, they seem to believe that Cardano does not exist. This is all just an elaborate super scam and nothing has been built and accomplished. ”

On the other hand, he indicated that on May 17 and 18, a team of developers from Cardano and third-party organizations will meet in Barcelona to discuss the centrifugation levels of smart contracts and detail the accreditation process for the different wallets and of the project infrastructure.

Managing a project as important as Cardano is not an easy task. Hoskinson said that as a founder, he strives to provide universal solutions that don’t just scratch the surface of a problem, but address the root cause.

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