Bitcoin, adopted as the official currency in the Central African Republic, is not a “panacea”, warns the IMF

DADO RUVIC / REUTERS Thursday, April 28, the day after the adoption by the Central African Republic of bitcoin as its official currency, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) called for not seeing cryptocurrency “as a panacea against economic challenges” facing Africa. Read also: Article reserved for our subscribers In Canada, the populist who wants to … Read more

Is blockchain a dangerous nonsense? An analysis by Nicolas Lenz

For Nicolas Lenz, a computer science student in Germany, blockchain solves nothing. In a blog post, Nicolas Lenz indicates that blockchain as a technology is already deeply flawed in its basic concept. Blockchain technology promises to eliminate trust in central institutions. Initially, this would have applied to a currency: bitcoin (defined by Lenz as a … Read more

2 of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now and keep for the long term in your Wallet!

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn 1.Ethereum With a market capitalization of $345 billion, Ethereum is the second largest public cryptocurrency and accounts for almost 20% of the entire industry. The platform’s developers are working to maintain this dominant position through an upgrade called The Merge, which could make blockchain mining more eco-friendly and sustainable. As … Read more