How to sync your Google and Apple calendars

This article explains how to add your Google calendar events to your Apple calendar and add individual calendars to iOS. The instructions in this article apply to iOS 11 and later. HOW TO SET UP SYNCHRONIZATION BETWEEN OUTLOOK AND GOOGLE CALENDAR To add your Google Calendar events to Apple Calendar and have them sync automatically: … Read more

Updated Harley-Davidson 1-Series e-bikes will include Google Cloud connectivity

Serial 1, the e-bike company spun off from Harley-Davidson, has introduced its line of high-end, second-generation e-bikes, but it’s the app that will see the biggest changes. New Harley-Davidson e-bikes will connect to Google Cloud Thanks to Serial 1’s new partnership with Google Cloud, the updated bikes will include a host of new software features. … Read more

5 tips to improve your productivity

Google Sheets There are tips to improve your use of Google’s office suite. Shortcuts to Docs. Automatic instructions on Sheets. And so on. Here are a few to know. Google, YouTube, Maps, Chrome… if you are immersed in the Google ecosystem, it can be very useful to know some secret shortcuts and hidden options to … Read more

This bill from the US Senate could harm Google’s entire advertising business

This bill from the US Senate could harm Google’s entire advertising business. It would force the giant to withdraw from many advertising markets. A bill that could break all the business around the advertising of Google if accepted has just been introduced in the United States Senate. the Competition and Transparency in Digital Advertising Actcurrently … Read more

How to Add Email to Your Google Calendar

This article explains how to automatically create an entry in Google Calendar from a message in Gmail. You can also set reminders to follow up on certain emails related to upcoming events. HOW TO SET A CONCENTRATION TIME IN GOOGLE CALENDAR? Use the following instructions to attach an email to Google Calendar. Ouvrez Gmail dans … Read more

With its Pixel Buds Pro, Google finally launches headphones with active noise reduction

During its I/O conference broadcast on May 11, Google formalized its new wireless headphones. Called the Buds Pro, they will finally offer active noise reduction. Better late than never. On the occasion of its I/O conference organized on May 11, 2022 and in particular centered on Android 13, Google presented several products. In addition to … Read more