Moderna vaccine: what are vasculitis, these complications “deserving special expertise” according to the ANSM?

The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines evokes this Friday, April 15, cases of vasculitis after vaccination with the Moderna vaccine (Spikevax). Vaccine-related adverse effects that require special expertise. A potential signal to study considers the ANSM. A new report published this Friday, April 15 by the ANSM (the National Agency for the Safety … Read more

Is there a risk ?

From the start of the pandemic, doctors observed that SARS Cov-2 targeted, in addition to the lungs, the heart, with an increased risk of developing serious cardiovascular disorders. Since then, vaccines have arrived, and many of its detractors denounce a dangerous injection causing a health risk. But what do the scientists say? Researchers from the … Read more

Covid-19 in Brittany: second week of “slight improvement”, but still black spots – Coronavirus

For the second week in a row, the weekly update from the Brittany Regional Health Agency (ARS) reports a “slight improvement” in the health situation in the region. With indicators moving in the same direction as last week. Contaminations and the incidence rate are down, unlike hospitalizations. Less than 50,000 cases this week 47,801 new … Read more

The dialogue between intestinal flora and the brain could explain certain diseases such as obesity

French scientists have discovered elements of the intestinal microbiota in the brains of rodents. How did they get there and what role do they play? In particular on appetite regulation? The answer gives hope for better management of obesity. A model of the intestine, in an exhibition on the microbiota at the Cité des Sciences … Read more

One in six people have a headache every day, the majority of them women

the headache is one of the most common ailments in the world. One team wanted to take stock and summarize the data from numerous studies available on the subject. What are the most common types of headaches? What are their durations ? Their work was published on April 12 in the journal The Headache and … Read more