Mysterious childhood hepatitis: the first death reported in the UK

The World Health Organization has announced the death of a British child, suffering from acute hepatitis. Since April 5, cases of acute childhood hepatitis, of unknown origin, are increasing in Europe. Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports 169 cases identified, in almost 12 countries different. If until now, all the affected patients managed to … Read more

Childhood hepatitis of unknown origin: WHO announces the death of a child

the essential A few weeks ago, cases of liver inflammation, of unknown origin, were detected in the United Kingdom. Several other cases have been detected in several European countries. The World Health Organization has recorded the first death. The unexplained inflammations of the liver, observed in several of Europe, claimed its first victim. On Saturday … Read more

Health: nurses authorized to vaccinate adults without medical prescription

By Graziella L. Posted April 24, 2022, 4:00 PM From now on, nurses, pharmacists and midwives are authorized to vaccinate all adults without prior medical prescription. Nearly 15 vaccines can thus be administered much more easily to those who need them. Three months after the request of the High Authority of Healththe government validated theexpansion … Read more

Hepatitis of unknown origin: first death, leads, number of cases… what does the latest WHO report say?

A wave of cases of hepatitis whose origin remains unknown and which affects children continues to intrigue the World Health Organization (WHO). This Saturday, April 23, a new report takes stock. Are there increasing cases since the WHO’s first report of children with hepatitis of unknown origin in the UK dating back to April 15? … Read more

nurses are authorized from Sunday to vaccinate adults without a medical prescription

A nurse vaccinates a child against Covid-19 on February 2, 2002, in Bastia, Corsica. PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA / AFP Three months after a favorable opinion from the High Authority for Health (HAS), the government validates the extension of “vaccination skills” for nurses, pharmacists and midwives, who have proven themselves during the Covid-19 epidemic. From now on, … Read more

Cases of acute hepatitis in children, the WHO puts forward three hypotheses

Westend61 via Getty ImagesThe WHO counts 169 cases spread over 12 countries, including 11 only in Europe. HEALTH – Despite ongoing scientific investigations, the mystery remains. The growing concern around a form of acute hepatitis affecting children in several countries is not diminishing. As of April 21, the WHO counted no less than 169 cases … Read more