Burglary: how to be compensated by your home insurance?

Nearly 250,000 burglaries recorded each year photo credit: GettyImages You have been the victim of a burglary. Under what conditions are you covered by your home insurance? What types of property or damage are covered? What steps should you take to obtain compensation from your insurer and within what time frame? Summary: Burglary: the essential … Read more

Health Insurance will remove 300,000 false health passes within two weeks

The vaccination pass, compulsory for going to a restaurant or taking the train, came into force on January 24. Le Figaro LE FIGARO INFO – The dealers, who have usurped the professional cards of doctors to mass-produce the false sesame, risk very heavy prison sentences. This is a figure that strikes the spirits by its … Read more

[Tribune] Faced with the challenges of compliance, insurance and brokerage join forces

Nine insurers on the French market and Planète CSCA have joined forces and made commitments to brokers to facilitate their compliance procedures. In a context of increasing operational and structural risks for more than ten years, national and international legislators have implemented numerous measures to guarantee the solidity of the sector and the […] Login … Read more

Kidnapped and raped minors: the wealthy CEO of the Assu 2000 insurance group imprisoned

the essential Jacques Bouthier, 75, leader of the Assu 2000 group, among the largest fortunes in France, was indicted and imprisoned on Saturday with five other people in an investigation for “trafficking in human beings”, “rape of a minor”, ” recourse to prostitution of a minor” and “sexual assault on a minor under the age … Read more