Electric vehicle prices rise at Tesla, Rivian, GM and other automakers – Reuters

Tesla’s Model 3 at the Tesla store in Washington, DC Salwan Georges | The Washington Post | Getty Images Automakers from Tesla to Rivian to Cadillac are raising prices for their electric vehicles amid changing market conditions and rising commodity costs, especially for key materials needed for batteries of electric vehicles. Battery prices have been … Read more

more range than the Tesla Model 3

For more than two years, who says electric sedan almost always says Tesla Model 3. Unless you are allergic to the universe of the American brand as some “anti Apple” people can be. you have to recognize real qualities in this little roadster, whether it’s performance, autonomy or fluidity in the multimedia system. Benefits all … Read more

Drivers victim of “involuntary acceleration”: Tesla refutes accusations of technical failure

The driver is responsible, not the car. This is, in essence, the message that Tesla hammers home in the cases where the American manufacturer is implicated. Just after the fatal accident in Paris in December, billionaire Elon Musk’s brand claimed that no technical failure had been detected in the taxi driver’s vehicle data. No question … Read more

In the midst of a global slowdown, Tesla increased its net profit by seven times in the first quarter

Rarely has the automotive industry experienced such a contrast. While sales of new cars are plummeting in Europe due to the shortage of semiconductors accentuated by the war in Ukraine (-20% in March), the American Tesla continues to reap record results. in the first quarter of 2022, despite rising commodity prices. The turnover of the … Read more

Tesla, MG, Seres, Ionity, Chargemap… These brands that are shaking up the automotive market

General Motors, Toyota, Renault, Fiat… For a long time, large groups born for the most part in the first half of the 20th century dominated the automotive world and its imagination. Admittedly, they fought a fierce battle among themselves, but they cultivated very similar production and marketing methods. The transition to electric is favoring the … Read more

This Solar Company’s 5-Year Rollback Makes Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Tesla, Disney, Apple, Microsoft, Ford, Amazon Insignificant

Enphase Energy Inc ENPH is known as a global leader in solar energy solutions and over the past five years has delivered outstanding returns to traders and investors. Since May 2017, Enphase Energy’s 5-year stock return has outperformed many of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, electric vehicle, entertainment and technology stocks: Bitcoin BTC/USD, Dogecoin DOGE/USD, … Read more

Recharging your Tesla for free is possible!

In order to avoid large crowds during the holidays, the manufacturer Tesla offers charge your electric car for free during off-peak hours in Supercharger stations located on the busiest routes in France and Europe. A discovery that Tesla Magazine obviously shares with you! Good news for Tesla car users! While the Model 3 is breaking … Read more