Coinbase announces its next listings, is your favorite crypto included?

Coinbase lists the all-comers? – The time when Coinbase hesitated and dithered to add a single crypto to its offer seems very far away: tokens and altcoins are now arriving in whole shovelfuls! And as we will see, there are sometimes very goodbut also of totally unknown (the most critical will surely talk about shitcoins).

Up to 50 new coins on Coinbase by June!?

To say that in early 2018, the cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase made fans yearn for Ripplehesitating for months to add the XRP to 4 (yes, only 4) cryptocurrencies then offered on the exchange – namely Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and B.Cash (BCH).

Now you need a pallet truck to hope to raise the huge cargo of tokens to come on Brian Armstrong’s crypto-exchange. According to a Coinbase publication published on April 11, the exchange platform plans to list no less than 50 new projects!

According to the exchange teams, and in “an effort of transparency”they wanted to communicate the crypto-assets whose listing is planned for the second quarter 2022by, at the latest, at June 30th next so.

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But what are these corners?

Attention, we do not say that some of these 50 cryptocurrencies being evaluated » by Coinbase do not seem to us interestingor that they are not a minimum known of the cryptosphere.

The dollar stablecoin of Binance (BUSD), that of the crypto-stock exchange Gemini (GUSD), BitDAO’s DAO (BIT)or the French project (ALEPH) seem like this to us legitimate.

On the other hand, some tokens completely leave (at the very least) dubious. Apologies in advance to any fans of these little-known projects, but who had – sincerely – already heard of (good) Student Coin (STC) or Dope Wars Paper (PAPER) for example?

So certainly, we must give a chance (not without suspicion) to any project in the cryptosphere. But wouldn’t Coinbase be preparing to list a little everything and anything ? The current leitmotif of the Californian crypto-stock market seems, in any case, to to diversify (overmeasure?) its offer, since it is about to launch Coinbase NFTits own marketplace non-fungible tokens.

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