Covid – Omicron: vaccinated but contaminated, the classification of the most frequent symptoms

This Thursday, April 7, the scientists from the prestigious King’s College in London published a study that establishes the differences in symptoms contracted after a infection with Deltaof one infection with Omicron.

Results published in the specialized medical journal The Lancet, which are based on data from ZOE, a participatory application on which patients declare, among other things, their symptoms. More than 63,000 triple vaccinated people between the ages of 16 and 99 reported their symptoms between June 2021 and January 2022.

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It takes less time with Omicron

Conclusion: those who have a complete vaccination schedule, namely two doses and a booster, who are also infected with Omicron, show symptoms for 4.4 days on average, compared to 7.7 for Delta.

The list of symptoms that also most often strike Omicron patients with a complete vaccination schedule has also been established as follows (a classification made using data collected from 4990 infected and vaccinated patients):

– Runny nose (81.6%).

– Headaches (74.7%).

– Sore throat (70.5%).

– Sneezing (63%).

– Persistent cough (49.8%).

– Hoarse voice (42.6%).

Conversely, the least encountered symptom was loss of smell.

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