Covid, Omicron, XD variant: dramatic weight loss, no survivors after 9 days, the strange effects of Deltacron on mice

According to the Institut Pasteur, Deltacron has its own characteristics. Explanations.

I’Pastor Institute conducted the first study on Deltacron. Also called XD variantthe recombinant from Delta and Omicron opens the door to new variants more contagious and more severe.

This first study pre-published on the Research Square platform is a real gem. Led by Etienne Simon-Loriere and his team with around forty cases, it identifies, among other things, the most frequent symptoms of Deltacron.

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Specific characteristics

One variant which has also been the subject of some experimentation on mouse.

The team from the Evolutionary Genomics of RNA Viruses group injected Delta (AY.4), Omicron (BA.1) and Deltacron to three different groups of mice in order to compare the effects.

The scientists at the Institut Pasteur first measured the quantities of RNA present in the lungs. Result, the levels of Omicron (BA.1) and Deltacron were comparable, however 3.7 times lower than those of mice infected with Delta.

Conversely, mice infected with Deltacron showed levels equivalent to those infected with Deltai.e. 8.5 times higher than those infected with Omicron.

Other notable findings: the weight mice and their lifetime.

Mice infected with Delta were struck by weight loss from the 3rd day after infection, 6 mice out of 7 having died between the 7th and 9th day. None of the 6 mice infected with Omicron did not suffer such a fate.

With Deltacronno weight loss was observed the first 5 days after infection. Their state of health, on the other hand, worsened between days 5 and 8. All (8) died or had to be euthanized on the 9th day.

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