Covid – variant XD: Deltacron hits twice as many young people as Omicron

The crisis of Covid-19 seems behind us. But as countries lift restrictive measureshere are some elements that send a shiver down your spine: starting with these figures of contaminationwhich no longer fall. The next few days should confirm or not the trend.

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A quarter of the cases studied were under 20 years old

stay the recombinant. Indeed, the high circulation of the virus allows it to mutate. And even to recombine. In other words, two variants can associate and give birth to another variant. This is the case of XE varianthybrid of BA.1 and BA.2. This is also the case of Deltacron. A recombinant or hybrid of Delta and Omicron, closely monitored by the health authorities.

So much so that this Monday, April 4, thePastor Institute has published its first conclusions on this recombinant, available on the Research Square platform. Research conducted by Etienne Simon-Lorière, head of the Evolutionary Genomics of RNA Viruses group, on 32 confirmed cases of XD variant (in other words Deltacron) and 6 suspected cases, detected in France between January 3 and March 9, 2022.

If a first list of symptoms was established (to be found here) knowing that all the cases observed were symptomatic, the median age of the patients was established at 32.5 years, the same asOmicron (35 years). With the difference that many more young people are affected: 25.7% of the cases studied are under 20 years old, compared to 11.3% for Omicron, i.e. more than twice as many.

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