Cryptocurrency: Here’s why almost 33% of investors are waiting for cryptos to fall!

    • The global cryptocurrency market had been falling for a few days.
    • A poll conducted on Twitter shows that the majority of crypto users want the price to be even lower.
    • This is because users find it is a good time to buy more cryptos.

The global crypto market trend has seen some ups and downs, with a slight easing for some cryptos over the past day. Although some cryptos have reported a red signal, some crypto users have no intention of buying them now.

A Twitter poll by Lark Davis, a financial educator, shows that almost 33.3% of the majority of crypto HODLers are waiting for the market to go down again. By this, they eagerly wait to buy the cryptos at a low rate.

In detail, about 28% of crypto users are tempted to buy a few cryptocurrencies, while 20.4% want to buy a lot. This Twitter poll was conducted over the past two days when the global cryptocurrency market was down with a major drop in the price of cryptos such as BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, SOL, etc.

However, conversely, some of these cryptos have been waving a green flag, since yesterday. By analyzing the prices of cryptocurrencies today, cryptos, such as BTC (0.09%), XRP (0.62%), AVAX (0.52%), DOGE (0.36%) and SHIB (0.07%), have seen spikes in the last hour.

Notably, Shiba Inu has been on the trend line, despite the market falling earlier. It has seen a rise of around 22% in the past day, particularly due to its listing on the Robinhood financial market.

Since January 2022, the global market has been following a slight trend line, with the price of BTC progressing erratically. The latest crypto plunge has affected this trend and analysts expect further surges in the future. In particular, this rise could occur when cryptos are praised by business moguls.


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