€60,000 minimum: Tesla increases the prices in France of its most efficient cars

Tesla continues to review the prices of its range. After increasing the price of the standard Model 3, the manufacturer passed on the inflation to the other versions, as well as to the Model Y.

Tesla’s business strategy is really hard to follow. In one night, a car in its catalog can see its price be increased – or decreased – by several thousand euros. A few days ago, the cheapest Model 3 experienced inflation, losing the maximum ecological bonus of €6,000. Today, the other versions of the sedan, as well as the Model Y, are in turn subject to a price increase – Frandroid spotted in an article published on March 16.

Three cars are affected: the Model 3 Grande Autonomie, the Model 3 Performance and the Model Y Grande Autonomie. They all observe an increase of €3,000, a development which obviously has an impact on government aid. Thus, the Model 3 Performance and the Model Y Grande Autonomie lose the ecological bonus of €2,000, granted to 100% electric vehicles worth between €45,000 and €60,000 (options included).

Tesla’s cars are becoming more inaccessible

In detail, here is the evolution of the price list of the Tesla catalog:

Price at the start of 2022 New price
Model 3 €43,800 (€36,800*) €49,990 (€47,990*)
Model 3 Long Autonomy €51,990 (€49,990*) €58,990 (€56,990*)
Model 3 Performance €59,990 (€57,990*) €62,990
Model Y Long Autonomy €59,990 (€57,990*) €62,990
Model Y Performance €66,990 €66,990
*price with ecological bonus deducted

As you can see, Tesla’s supposedly most affordable cars are getting… less affordable. The increase is sometimes dizzying: the Model 3 costs €11,190 more than it did a few weeks ago. Regarding this increase, the difference between the two ecological bonuses (€6,000 or €2,000) plays a major role.

When we browse the Tesla site, we also notice that the delivery times are sometimes very long (except by selecting certain paid options):

  • Model 3: February 2023;
  • Model 3 Long Autonomy: February 2023;
  • Model 3 Performance: May 2022;
  • Model Y Long Autonomy: May 2022;
  • Model T Performance: April 2022.

Do you want to drive a Tesla very fast? It will cost more than €60,000, with no state aid. Finally, we remind you that the Model S and the Model X, which benefited from a redesign in early 2021, are unavailable. In short, the manufacturer wants to relieve its order book, while demand is strong and the pressure on factories is immense.

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