Electric scooter: all about compulsory insurance, often unknown to users

Users of electric scooters are more and more numerous, a regulation has governed its practice since 2019. Indeed, this new means of individual transport has been very successful in recent years. However, many are unaware that these machines must be compulsorily insured. We explain to you.

Much more than a trend, the electric scooter has become, for some, an essential daily equipment. This widely acclaimed machine is however accompanied by a increase in accidents and of questions about his insurance.

Compulsory insurance

The electric scooter is classified “NIEV” (New Individual Electric Vehicles) since it is assimilated to a motorized personal transport device (EDP). It is therefore placed by public service and the Insurance Code in the same category as the motorbike or the car. You must be insured at least by civil liability in the event of an accident with others, under penalty of a fine (up to €3,750). It is also advisable to subscribe to a individual guarantee accident to protect you in case of injury. Be aware that NVEI civil liability insurance costs on average 3 to 8€ per month.

“It is mandatory even if many people are not aware. It is up to the seller to warn his customers that the purchase of an electric scooter requires insurance. It is a question of trust, either the seller offers insurance to its customer, or he comes to the store with his own insurance” underlines a salesman from Over Watt, a company specializing in the sale of electric scooters, in Montpellier.

How to benefit from it?

To be able to benefit from NVEI civil insuranceyou must own one CE approved electric scooter. Thus, it will necessarily cover your civil liability on board your vehicle. You will therefore be insured for all bodily injury and material damage that you may cause.

Be careful, the civil liability which is often linked to the housing contract does not work for the electric scooter. It is a very specific insurance that must be taken out as for the car or the scooter.

Do you have to insure your electric bike?

The law does not contemplate the electric scooter and the electric bike in the same way. The electric bicycle, whose motor works only if you pedal, legally has the same status as a bicycle because it is not considered a VTM (land motor vehicle). So, it is not mandatory to insure it to be able to use it.

To know

The user of an electric scooter must be at least 12 years old and must drive alone.

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What equipment is required for riding a scooter?

In addition to insurance (at least civil liability), it is compulsory to have a fluorescent vest, but only at night, front and rear lights, as well as a buzzer. The helmet is not obligatory, but it is strongly advised to wear it for better safety.

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